Actually, I have a different question for you.

What more do you want to say? Fetus is just a fetus.

Funny you haven’t answer any of my questions. but oh well.

not so interesting question. do you know that people before 1900 or even before 1830s, that fetus before born doesn’t has any rights. there is no law to protect fetus or ban abortion because of human rights inside the womb. Do you know they have no concern about fetus’ rights back then? only time people started caring about fetus’ right was way after 1900 when they discover through science that sperm and egg create organism to become a fetus.

you know im against slave of all kinds, thanks goodness we don’t follow old law, including the old law that forbade women’s free will and rights. right?.

like you asked about this one;

if you value all human rights equal. why do we still harass gay couple from getting married for decades and decades? how can we say that we care about fetus, but okay with hurting gay couples?

The same for free prenatal care and mandatory maternity leaves. if pro-fetus care about fetus, like they should be born, then without free prenatal care and other services, these fetus won’t likely be able to be born. we are killing them.

why are they against these services? like in Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world. UK used to have a high rate and now decreasing a lot thanks to these services.

So, why are pro-fetus normally against these services to help the mother and babies?

Doesn’t make any sense at all. Care about fetus, but lack of any care to help mother and baby is the reason why I value women over men.

Remember when Freedom Caucus represensatives met with mike pence (i think) to discuss how to remove prenatal care and maternity coverage from women’s healthcare and make women pay more? There was a picture of just only men in the room (one or two women in the background as a staff) discussing about making women pay for birth control and mammogram and other services. They claim pro-fetus, yet cruel on women that desperate in need for these services to have a healthy baby and to survive.

That’s why men really don’t value equal with women. that’s why I as a man value women over men.

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