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Yes, because women still making less than men, pay more in health insurance, has to deal with all kind of cat calling from all kinds of men, deal with all kind of sexual assault, rape, have to wear dangerous painful heels just to please you guys, have to buy so much ridiculous cosmetics makeup and hair works that you guys don’t need, you guys complained when women don’t shaved their armpits while you guys have ugly hairs, the list go on and on and on and on. Where are the men’s rights supporting for these to changes to help women?

Where are the men’s rights to help women to have an abortion cover by insurance, and other medical stuffs that most women can easily get that most men don’t. Don’t you know that most healthcare cover is sexist. Don’t you know how sexist these men complained about paying for women’s prenatal care healthcare while women has been paying for men’s prostate screening, penis pump, viagra, and others? Isn’t it amazing that men are also the one that can get women pregnant but don’t wanna take responsibility for paying for prenatal care, maternity leaves? Amazing insane, these men are.

Oh yes, you do have a part of your offspring lives, even if you rape the mother. half of the states or less allow rapist to have custody of a child even if he rape her. crazy isn’t it?

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