This unisex bathroom “solution” was always ….well,
Kady M.

you mean how we deal with black and white bathrooms?

white people were afraid of black in their bathrooms so they were build separate but ‘equal’. We all know this was farce. same goes when people are freaking out about transgender in their bathroom. It wasn’t a big deal and really incredibly rare or none of what people fear to be true. Why wasting time, money, and burden for all of these ridiculous fake fear when we should be focusing on gettin rape test done asap, training police to ask questions without making the rape victims feel guilty, actually go after the perpetrator instead of wasting time, and others. instead, these lawmakers are screaming about fake fear of transgender in our bathroom when they refused to scream fear about colleges girls getting raped.

ADA law style sounds nice. I am all for co-ed bathroom, but why focus on that just because there is transgender. I did rather focus on actual case of women getting harass on the street, focus on how to help keep women safe on campus by training boys to learn when to stop moving to the next step when she said “no” or passed out, and promote training to get men at work to start respected female without any sexist remarks. But, that’s not gonna happen, because these lawmakers are whining about a female at birth that really looks like a man going into the men bathroom. lmao

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