Women have a responsibility not to form relationships with the type of men who will show up and…
Dan Mar

You’re kidding, right?

don’t you know that most ‘bad boy’ act like a ‘good boy’ and when they finally marry, they become a ‘bad boy’ and tried to control their partner through; rape, abuse, and violent. and you are blaming the victims?

that’s exactly the problem with men. they like to blame the victims that men tend to be the perpetrators of being ‘bad boys’. Dont you get it, many women thought they found a good boy until these men show their true color of being a bad boy and so many of these women are trying to escape from them. And, you are blaming these women? obviously sexist and misogynist.

Jeez!!!! I am a man and I know absurdity like your comment. it is sexist and trying to shift blame from men’s violence behavior to the victims.

choose your balls’ behavior wisely.

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