Understand Brazil

This is a text for you that do not live in the country and might be confused by the situation in which we live.

It all started in the 2014 elections when the then President Dilma Rousseff (PT) candidate for re-election won in the second round with 51.64% of the vote and Aécio Neves opposition candidate (PSDB) had 48.36%. The results indicate that it was a tight second round with a difference of about 3 million votes. The election campaign of the president’s time was a marvel after all was directed by marketeer John Santana, who is currently imprisoned for involvement in corruption scheme at Petrobras.

Dilma made numerous promises that at that time some journalists and economists have warned that it would be impossible. In 2013 it was passed the law for the granting of power distribution, thus according to the government’s time the final price of electricity would be reduced by 16.25% to homes and up to 28% for industries. Dilma promised jobs, health and had as its motto the education that was called “educator Fatherland”

Already in 2015 through elections the first 100 days of President was pure disaster. After all the electioneering measures the president had a high cost and the price has come! In the first quarter of the year the electricity bill for residential consumers rose by 23.4% and the national average throughout the year it rose several times. There were reports that in São Paulo there was a considerable advance in debt with the power utility.
But the worst is yet to come as the president said that inflation was under control and that the country would live “full employment”. Well it did not in any sense as shown in the graph of inflation and GDP. Unemployment goes into a run until the month of April are already nearby 10 million unemployed and according to the forecasts the estimated 12 million (who writes you is that data too!).

According to news the IMF predicts negative GDP 2016 -3.8%, with that Brazil is experiencing an economic depression already, after all in 2014 GDP was 0% and since then falls sequentially. Historians and economists predict that this crisis is the worst in 40 years, while others arremetem being the worst since 1930.

The country since 2014 has very high primary deficits and amazing values. The government has proposed this year a deficit in the accounts of R $ 60 billion reais and R $ 0 Surplus.

Deficit in primary billion

In this Sunday, 04.17 the president suffered Impeachment in the House of Representatives, now referred the case to the Senate to continue. The government and its supporters movements all of which are socialist and trade union movements many living money of public administration cry and shout that there is a “coup.” Commonly in Brazil there are supporters of the Cuban and Venezuelan regime. Regimes those who have killed hundreds of people over their stories. But give the vice president Michel Temer that it will sell the oil state to the United States and that it will surrender to “imperialist” American. In this country called Brazil the state are enormous and serves as corruption channel just see that Operation Car Wash triggered by the Federal Police has recovered billions to the country.

We do not live only an economic crisis that stems from populist economic measures over the past 13 years, bad we live in a deep political crisis. The presidentialism here did not work! We currently have 33 parties, of which there are 33 in the world ideologies, all these parties live from the party fund the government through transfers of public money to each according to their size. In the country every government in power to shift support with positions and money through parliamentary amendments, there is a huge number of deputies is 513, in the middle of all this lack representation for both sides. Currently a speech about a possible parliamentary amendment in the French and district or mixed district voting lines.

They say that Brazil is not for beginners and it is real! At a longing for society mostly the political / economic situation will improve as soon as possible, after all without exception suffer in one way or another, but the population follows attentive as never before to everything that goes on in the hope of a better future where we all cheered it will not be after all the predictions follow bleak for the country.

I hope that has helped you to understand a little of what goes on here, already I apologize if you have any English error as used Google. But I feel it is my duty to show through data and clear from my point of view what is happening.