Caleb, I am interested in sharing this with a group of people this Saturday.
Angela McKinney

Hi Angela — Unfortunately I put this out pretty freely not asking anyone to specifically report back, so I’ve only heard anecdotally how people have used it. If it helps, my vision for it was that the “areas of influence” and the “time horizons” would be the x and y axis of your impact. For example:

me / now: I can use my body in protest of immigration bans

me / long-term: I can go back to school to teach better journalism

my social circle / now: I can persuade my friends and family about the issues I care about

my world / short-term: I can organize my community around issues I care about

my world / long-term: I can end gun violence

Etc. You can see how it gets more ambitious the bigger the scope. But ultimately, this is just a heuristic meant to give you some focus about what you care about and where you should place your efforts, so feel free to adjust however you want for how you want to use it.

Hope that helps!

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