Catching up with Colton Jackson— University of Denver

By: Caleb Green


Colton Jackson (#10), University of Denver host the University of Notre Dame at Peter Barton Stadium.

Age? 20

Hometown? Highlands Ranch, Colorado

HS Attended? Rock Canyon High School

Academic Major? Accounting

What year did you start playing lacrosse?

3rd grade

How did you get into lacrosse?

My older brother started playing when I was in 2nd grade. He was my biggest role model growing up and I wanted to do everything that he did. Therefore, I started playing because I wanted to be like my older brother. He taught me how to play lacrosse and helped me to develop into the player that I am today.

What was your favorite high school lacrosse memory?

My own senior season was my favorite time of high school lacrosse. It is special to be the leader of your team and be able to influence the younger players below you.

How about favorite club memory?

Playing for Denver Elite in 8th grade up in Vail. We didn’t win the tournament, but Vail was such an incredible environment to be playing

What are the top 5 schools you considered playing at?

Denver, Air Force, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio State

Why did you choose the University of Denver?

Growing up around the Denver area I attended DU lacrosse games as a young player. It was a dream of mine to one day play for my hometown team. As I began the recruiting process I learned more about why DU was the perfect school for me. DU has an incredible business school that met my academic needs and expectations. I believe that the DU program also has the best coaching staff in the country with Coach Tierney, Coach Brown, Coach Orsen, and Coach Noble. Lastly, the location of DU was a major deciding factor in my decision. Colorado has a unique feel and culture and I wanted to stay within the state while still playing at the highest level possible.

What is your weapon of choice (fav stick setup)?

I use a Warrior Evo 4x Head strung with String King 3s mesh along with a white Warrior AX1 shaft. I prefer a wide head like the Evo 4x which has a large surface area for catching. String king 3s mesh is perfect for me as it is light and does not get effected by wet conditions. Lastly, the AX1 shaft is light, yet does not bend when I play defense.

Colton Jackson and the University of Denver host the Air Force Academy in the first round of the 2017 NCAA tournament at Peter Barton Stadium.

Fav pregame meal?

Momma Jackson’s Chicken Pasta

What songs are on your pregame playlist?

Anything Country. I don’t prefer to listen to rap or rock before games as it’s important for me to stay calm and not get too pumped up before the game. Country is what I typically listen to and it gets me prepared very well mentally.

Are you interested in playing pro lacrosse?

Yes I am. However, I understand that playing pro lacrosse is not the best way to make a living and therefore my first priority is to pursue a career in the accounting field. If possible I would like to play pro lacrosse for a few years though.

What is your wall ball routine for practicing your stick skills?

Warm up: 50 one hand righty, 50 one hand lefty. 100 quick stick righty, 100 quick stick lefty. 100 regular righty, 100 regular lefty.

Shuffle along the wall lefty and righty. Running along the wall lefty and righty. Standing: 100 overhand each hand, 50 side arm each hand, 50 underhand each hand.

Cool down: Repeat warm up sets.

Best advice to a kid aspiring to play in college?

  1. Shoot time and room and on the run shots each day for 30 min on a goal with a back stop net behind it. It is important to shoot on a net with a back stop net behind because it allows you to be a more confident shooter as you will shoot the ball harder without the fear of missing.
  2. Watch high levels of lacrosse and translate it to your own game. As a middle schooler and high schooler, I used to watch highlights of the top pro and college players and try to execute the way they played into my own game.

Catch Colton’s highlight tape here: