Dalton Ziegler Interview

Age: 19

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

HS Attended: Valor Christian/Palmer Ridge

Intended Major: Finance

Started playing lax in 5th grade

How did you get into lacrosse?

When I moved to Colorado, I wanted to join a spring sport to get the opportunity to meet kids in my area. I ended up joining my local Lacrosse team and it was history from there.

What was your favorite high school lacrosse memory

Winning the 4A State Championship my Junior year and being able to play with my two little brothers my Senior year at Lewis Palmer.

What are the top 5 schools you considered playing at?Utah, Delaware and Air Force are the ones I was mainly looking at.

Why did you choose the University of Utah?

I chose the University of Utah because it isn’t very far from where I live now and I love the idea of being able to make history by being apart of a brand new Division 1 LacrosseTeam.

You committed to the Utes before they announced they were going D1, did you know before hand that they would be going division 1?

Yes, I did. I was originally committed to play at Delaware but wasn’t excited about how far away it was from home. Considering I’m defiantly more of a West Coast fan, I was stoked when Coach Holman told me about their plans of going Division 1 in the near future. When I visited I fell in love with what Utah had to offer me academically, athletically and their plans to be the first Pac 12 Division 1 Lacrosse Team.

What is your wall ball routine for practicing your stick skills

100 Right/Left h

50 Right/Left hand Quick sticks

Then I just mess around for like 10 Minutes after that with behind the backs, catching opposite shoulder and things similar to that.

Best advice to a kid aspiring to play in college?

Just practice hard and have fun. Having fun is the biggest key, you won’t ever play to your full potential if you’re not truly having fun. Don’t let Lacrosse and the stress of being recruited become a burden.

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