Jovan Miller, an MLL Legend

By: Caleb Green

Age: 28

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

High School: Christian Brothers Academy, New Jersey

College: Syracuse University

Current Team: Free Agent

Year I started: 2002

Q. How has the game changed since your college playing days?

A. The game has really sped up. No horns on sideline out of bounds, the shot clock, the new faceoff rules. Just a few things that have made the game great to watch now. Wasn’t as much the case when I played at ‘Cuse.

Q. What is your story on how you got into lacrosse?

A. Flipping through the channels and saw Syracuse ironically playing Princeton in the National Championship (forgot the year but Princeton won). I didn’t know anything about the sport but it was fast and beautiful to watch so after the game I asked my parents for a stick.

Q. What is the best advice you could give a kid aspiring to play college lacrosse?

A. Lacrosse or any other college sport for that matter is a job. If you ever decide to make the commitment to playing a sport in college just know you rarely have free time to yourself. The game has changed drastically in the past 10 years and the skills of the players are improving by the year so the commitment to playing is even more than ever.

Q. African Americans are underrepresented in the sport of lacrosse, how do you think this can change?

A. Exposure of the game to unfamiliar demographics is the first step towards the game brining more diversity. Besides that, the cost of the equipment combined with the stereotype of the game being an “upper class white sport” has not also helped bridge the gap either.

Q. What was the first thought that ran through your head when you saw Myles Jones was announced the face of Adidas Lacrosse?

A. Great PR by Adidas, but even bigger for the young faces of color. Myles is here to stay so the young players coming up have a face they can identify with. When I was growing up playing it was Kyle Harrison, and I believe he has passed that torch to Mr. Jones.

Q. What is the most adversity you have ever experienced related to lacrosse?

A. Sankofa Lacrosse put together an All-Black team for a three team scrimmage in 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island with Team England and Brown University in which some of the game’s present and former black players suited up together as a celebration of the progress in the sport.

Q. What’s you favorite 90’s jam?

A. Busta Rhymes- Woo Hah

Q. Iphone or Android?

A. Iphone

Q. What is your favorite pre-game meal?

A. Pregame meal varies but night before pint of ice cream is consistent.

Q. What is your preferred social media platform?

A. Instagram. I think they all had a good run but I like Insta the best.

Check out Jovan’s highlights below:

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