Learning from Kobe Bryant:

People, close or distant, will (almost) always overlook your personal flaws

& gravitate towards your circle when you consistently win.

For many years, Kobe selfishly ball-hogged his way through games, but enough of these games ended in victory.

No one likes a ball-hog in a team sport, but winning, with consistency, like Kobe did, made people revere him amid his personal shortcomings.


Cause Kobe got work done. His work as 5x champion, 18x all-star, and, now, future HOF stands tallest at end of the day.

Without consistency, he’s a villain. Without winning, he’s remembered as a ball-hog.

With Consistency, he’s remembered as the NBA Great we know him today as.

People will always be drawn towards you for DOing the things they’ve always aspired to do, but never accomplished.

For ACTing on the same energy that they never DID.

Also, the same people that criticize(d) his flaws, will later find their way in his circle if it’s possible.

’Cause it (selfishly) benefits them too.

People are naturally selfish and hypocritical.

Drop what other people may say about you.

DISCLAIMER: be self-aware, as well as teachable, and adjust when appropriate. but you, and only you, should be the judge of that.

People & circumstances change.

… do you!!

& get stuff done.

like Kobe.


Kobe Hater (1996–2016)

P.S A friend brought to my attention, how this only holds true when your beliefs align with others. Why can't something be true even without outside agreement? The work ethic needed to win consistently is one belief that will line up, he said. I mean, it does for me.

What about you?