Snap-to Emotions (A Tribute to the Truest of Friends)
Rogan Kelsey

Hey Rogs, I just love the way you write…it reminds of me of the many times we’ve had at least 4 glasses of red wine (and sometimes none!) and find ourselves rolling around with laughter at the same time solving all the problems of the world…and more importantly solving why we have so many issues with ourselves and our beliefs and some of the ways we have viewed our own importance in the world, our own world. I dig and love you as a friend who is always willing to me honest with me, about you and me.

Boy, do I have so many snap-to issues. If I may use your analogy loosely and very badly, you (and few others)are a snap-to friend, who I turn to no matter how I feel, and it is a snap-to that I treasure and value and I would not want to look for any other new “point” of reference when a friend like you provides me with security, honesty and wounds I yearn for. You cut me deep. You’re a legend…

Hope I’m not too soppy…miss you big time.

Be good.



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