I finally did my first raid in Destiny 2 in 3 years…it was disappointing

If I didn’t already know what a raid was and the potential rewards, I wouldn’t do it again.

I remember one Friday in 8th grade, I had just gotten home from an after-school band practice and immediately turned on my brand-new Xbox One and invited my group of friends to play the new Destiny expansion “The Taken King” and its raid: “Kings Fall”. I remember staying up until 3 am that Friday trying to beat that raid…we didn’t accomplish it. When I finally went to bed, I was left with a sense of enjoyment and happiness, not because I finally got an Anguish of Drystan or that I got gear to level up; I was left with the feeling that more resembled satisfaction of my time spent. Now fast-forward to last night, October 16th 2021, I finally got around to playing the reiteration of Destiny 1’s “Vault of Glass” in Destiny 2. To say that when I finished at the raid at 9pm and that I was left with the exact opposite of my emotions that I had when my friends and I attempted King Fall, would be an understatement.

For starters the loot, I don’t know if it’s because I have bad luck or what but not only did I get rolls on guns that aren’t even meta right now, the rolls on the guns are horrible. Granted, most of the gear that I got ended up becoming infusion fuel but still I would have like to have gotten a good roll on a Corrective measure or maybe even a non-high mobility chest armor on a warlock. In the end I got 2 pieces of armor and the same 2 weapons from every encounter and the same 2 pieces of armor from the encounters as well. Now, I wasn’t expecting to get a Vex Mythoclast on my very first run of the raid but my morale at the point when we had finally gotten to Atheon was astronomically low, so not getting it from my final drop was comical. I know the point can be made that “Oh just run it on your other characters” or “Just spend the Spoils to get the re-rolls at the end from the kiosk” but I don’t have the time as a college student that is stretched thin as it is to level three character and to play the LFG game at getting 3 teams; I also did not know about the kiosk at the end of the raid until I was already in orbit and plus I didn’t have the spoils to buy anything substantial anyway.

Something can be said about the way that a challenging encounter, such as a raid in this case, needs to have some sort of big bang effect on a first time player. From the get-go I found a team that was with cross play players, so we had to use the game chat. I could not find a specific slider for the volume of the members of our raid team so there were multiple times where I would miss what they were saying because the volume at which the game chat is set to was overshadowed by the in game sounds, such as the Templar moaning and groaning at a volume which could only be equated to a jet engine…so that started plenty of strife because of the missed callouts that ensued. I have no specific gripes with the structure of the raid and its mechanics because at its core the raid was the pinnacle of the Destiny franchise, and still is to this day. I ended up having to go through 3 teams for the whole process, basically one for each major segment of the raid. I have always had no problem with the introduction of the champion system, but not everyone is in agreement with me on that. At the Gatekeeper portion, a whole fight started out as to who would stay outside because teammates refused to equip an overload mod…so I ended up using Ticuus and was forced to stay outside to take care of the overload minotaurs, needless to say, that was unenjoyable.

In leu of everything that I have said in this I will say that, the raid was understandably a challenge and I will try at it again this upcoming weekend. I only do the raids for the cosmetics and the exotic anyway, but good rolls would be nice.

Thank you for reading!
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I am a college student using this as a side gig if possible

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Caleb Kleinpeter

Caleb Kleinpeter

I am a college student using this as a side gig if possible

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