The Power of Jelly

by: @caleblamb

Jelly launched yesterday, January 7th, and I’ve been addicted to it since. It’s has the game mechanics of a quiz-like app, mixed with the diversified inputs from all cultures around the world. Answers are not binary and there’s a collaboration aspect to Jelly by identifying an answer as “good” or thanking someone for their helpful answer. The Thank You cards are also a nice touch that adds to the addiction. Drives users to provide usable answers. Maybe this feeds into Klout somehow?

It’s only been a couple of days and there’s definitely a ton of noise in the stream right now, but the power this will have for brands is very clear. People asking about apparel items they see and want or product recommendations. It’s an awesome medium for realtime feedback when making a purchasing decision. Brands need to be all over this — proving their expertise on relevant.

Looking forward to seeing the where Jelly will take us in 2014. It’s a well thought out and amazing product. Congratulations to @biz and @jellyhq team on the launch. Continued success.

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The power of brands.
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