As for your critique of trigger warnings, are you saying that people should trigger a rape survivor…
Simone Conneff

That is a profound oversimplification and misrepresentation of the author’s point.

Firstly, the real message of this article is not about the trigger warnings, it’s about the social, tribalistic power hierarchies that develop in leftist communities.

Secondly, the piece about the trigger warnings wasn’t about reasonable and intelligent use of them. Yes, if I am writing a piece about rape culture, I am absolutely going to include a warning regarding the piece’s content. If I’m writing a piece about heterosexual relationships, I’m not going to include a trigger warning for heteronormativity, yet there are many on the left who would call me a despicable person for failing to do so.

Third, calling someone an “utterly disgusting human being” instead of engaging in an open, inclusive, and educational dialogue with them about the issue, is exactly the attitude and mindset the author is criticizing- people using their knowledge and ideas about issues of social justice to put other people down, like you just did. You are using your ideas and concepts to claim superiority and supremacy over another living, breathing person, and calling them a despicable human being for it. This is a living example of the problem the author is seeking to bring to light.

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