Cute interview illustration
Cute interview illustration

I’m an engineer who’s beginning to interview candidates for coding work. I’m loving meeting new people, and I’m also benefitting a lot from the incredibly interesting conversations that spark in the interview room. However, while it’s exciting for me to see the process from the other side, I know full well how daunting it is to be in the interview chair. I wrote this article hoping to assuage some fears by removing some of the mysteries around interviewing for software engineering positions.

Right now, my understanding of the gap between being an interviewee and an interviewer is developing. As I learn more about the process from the interviewer side, from colleagues who’ve been interviewing for far longer than I have, I can see clearly (with hindsight) some of the more egregious errors I made in the interviewee chair. …

Person standing on hill overlooking lake with arms outstretched.
Person standing on hill overlooking lake with arms outstretched.

As I get the hang of interviewing software engineers, I’m learning a lot from my colleagues who have been doing it much longer than me. One of the things that’s most surprising to me is that they don’t look for exact skill set matches for the interview. As we all know, software interview questions aren’t the best indicator for what day-to-day working with a person is like. To answer perfectly, the questions we ask demand a really broad set of technical expertise. …

Five people in suits looking at a laptop all business-like.

During virus season I’ve gone through the same emotional journey as everyone else in the world — worry, anxiety, loneliness, grief — all too familiar to us all now. I’ve spent a really long time wondering how I can use my skills to help people through this time.

From speaking to friends, it seems a lot of us are trying to channel excess time and nervous energy into something productive. For some folks, this will include learning new skills. Many of us still aren’t able to physically return to a workplace, and are looking to level up during this time.

As someone who’s passionate about coding, and furthermore, as someone who has learned a lot through self-study, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve found most helpful in my own journey towards learning coding. …


Caleb Meredith

Product engineer at Airtable. Previously Facebook. @calebmer on Twitter

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