Pick the programming language you know best. I’ll pick JavaScript. Now imagine every value you could create in that language. Yes, every value.

In JavaScript, you’d have numbers like 0, 1, -42, and 3.14. You’d have strings like the empty string "" or the classic "Hello, World!". You’d have objects…

Learn what some of the unexpected costs of GraphQL non-null fields are.

In the GraphQL type system all types are nullable by default. This means that a type like Int can take any integer (1, 2, etc.) or null which represents the absence of any value. However, the GraphQL type system allows you to make any type non-null which means that the…

Design principles for building effective GraphQL mutation systems that can evolve over time

Designing a good GraphQL API is tricky, because you always want to balance utility and convenience with a consideration around how the API may evolve in the future.

The main points to consider when designing your GraphQL mutations are:

  • Naming. Name your mutations verb first. Then the object, or “noun,”…

Meditation is incredibly difficult for me. First, I sit down. Second, I do some stuff with my arms and legs that I’m sure looks “zen.” Third, I’ll start deep-breathing, or what I think is deep-breathing because who has formal training in deep-breathing?

Within two seconds my phone has buzzed, a…

Caleb Meredith

Product engineer at Airtable. Previously Facebook. @calebmer on Twitter

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