History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Before i address the meat of my argument against this post, i would like to just point out the portrayal of experts as the butt of the joke is misleading. Most news broadcasters, celebrities and major institution have made their feelings clear the people who voted leave in Brexit are racist, hateful, old and angry. The taunting is endless and condescending!

My main issue with your historical analysis is that you misjudge cause and effect. When analyzing the rise of dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini and Mugabe one can’t ignore the fact that the overwhelming feeling by the masses was that the government and the elite were isolated from their daily toils and they were not simply being listened to. From those three case studies you would also notice that the countries were gripped in economic recessions and the standard of living for the poor declined whilst the elites and governments seemed deaf to their plea for help. Like Hitler, Trump is tapping into a legitimate fear and concern by the American people. The huge popularity of Bernie Sanders only further proves that the American people are fed up with the way things are run. Trump prognosis of America, though the media would call it ‘dark’ resonates so powerfully with so many Americans( Overall, 57% of CNN viewers said they had a “very positive” reaction to Trump’s nomination speech. Meanwhile, 18% said they were “somewhat positive”). Similarly in England 17 million people voted against the current immigration policy of the EU and seemingly burdensome bureaucracy of the EU. Although i disagree totally with Trump’s solutions for American ills, i wont dismiss his prognosis; he’s tapping into something real and felt by millions.

So in all this, history has taught us and continues to teach us that, when the people feel neglected by their own leaders, there’s always a backlash and sometimes this backlash is ugly.

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