The Reality of Not Going to Art School

A matte painting I made

Hello guys, My name is Caleb Fairchild, and I’m an aspiring Concept Artist.

A lot of you have probably read Noah Bradley’s post about not attending Art School.I wanted to tell you guys that he is right. You don’t need to go to art school to get a good education. I attended Noah’s first Art Camp, and it was hard! a lot of the other students couldn’t even finish the weekly assignments, But I have to tell you that it changed the way I create art, study art, and improve myself as an artist completely. To be honest I wouldn’t even be halfway where I am without it, though I’m not where I want to be of course. I’m just another artist wanting to be a professional, since I was 12 years old I’ve wanted to work for blizzard, but since I was a foster youth I knew I would never be able to afford art school. So if your a poor artist, and want to improve I recommend starting off with Noah’s art camp, then (if you could afford it, go the CGMA route, or Schoolism. I’m not some artist with rich parents, or anything like that, I work a day job and study on my free time. It’s possible, You really have to be dedicated, and put the work in.

I’m not gonna lie to you.

Sometimes it’s hard, Sometimes I second guess myself if I made the right decision, You have to be a self-starter and be motivated enough to put the work in without someone looking over your shoulder. But do you want to know what is not looking over my shoulder?

Crippling debt.

I don’t have 100,000$ in student loans. I maybe spent 1000$ total for my study supplies. I have an old dell laptop, a small wacom tablet, and the cost of Noah’s Art Camp. And besides that most things you can learn for free with a little research.

I’m going to get better.

I’m going to work for Blizzard one day.

And I didn’t go to art School.

You can do it too

There are plenty of artists who have become amazing without Art School, and a few artists I know actually became professionals after attending Noah’s Art Camp with me like Pavel Sokov and Andy Timm.