Flying Nannies, and Dragons, and Ruby Slippers! Oh my!

After that dreadful night. I continued to go to school as if nothing ever happened.

“It was programed in me.”

I remember being really young, my mother would always drop me off at school after any of my parents brutal fights. She would remind me not to tell anyone at school what happened the previous night.

She had nothing to worry about though, because school was just another outlet for me to escape the harsh reality of my life. Just like how I turned to the world of Disney to escape the painful reality that surrounded me.

“Like, Mary Poppins.”

She played a huge influential part of my life growing up. She taught me that it was possible for dysfunctional families to find happiness.

I remember writing a letter to Mary Poppins once before. Just like Jane and Michael did to help find a nanny.

I took the letter that I wrote to an empty field that we lived close to. Ripping the letter into tiny pieces tossing them up into the air.

As the pieces floated down to the ground around me, I wished that in the middle of the night the tiny pieces of paper would magical float up into the night air and make its way to Mary Poppins herself.

“Of course she never showed up to our doorstep, but I continued to watch the movie over and over again. Soaking up every word that she was saying.”

To this very day, I still take everything Mary Poppins had taught me and applied it to everyday life. For example when she started to sing, “A spoonful of sugar” the song starts out with,

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun then snap! The job’s a game.”

“And just like that, in every job I worked I would approach it in this manner.”

Another takeaway that Mary Poppins taught me, was to always show kindness to others and to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Even though my life had its struggles, I was taught that people out in the world had it a lot worse.

Mary Poppins taught me this through her song, “Feed the birds”.

Although there had been many Disney movies that played influential parts of my life like, “Pete’s Dragon” and “Bedknobs and broomsticks”

It wasn’t until I discovered something even more magical!

“The Wizard of Oz”
“Oz became my ultimate escape!”

I traveled there often as a child. And Like Dorothy, I found new friends along the way that I could always turn to when times got rough.

The song, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” became my theme song. Dreaming of a land where all my troubles would melt away. Somewhere far far away. To a place that understood me.

This was how I learned to survive growing up. Keeping my closest friends near to me like, Mary Poppins and Dorothy. Remembering the songs that they would sing and the journey they took us on.

“I guess you can say that all these characters from these stories became my imaginary friends.
I would always ask myself, “What would Mary Poppins do?” or “How would Dorothy handle this.”

These characters helped raised me. They have helped me get through my darkest moments like they STILL do to this day.

If it wasn’t for the visionaries that created these characters, I have no idea where my life would be at today.

So I must take this moment to thank the story tellers like, L. Frank Baum, P.L. Travers, and Walt Disney for saving my life!


“Thank you for sharing your creative world through the art of story telling. Stories that capture the hearts and lives around the world each day.

Stay tuned!

As we, ease on down the road of life….

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