Spoilers For Gravity Falls

Do people know the show Gravity Falls as much as I do? No? Yes? Well, here is the right place to go. Did you just open this because it looked interesting. You don’t know what Gravity Falls is? Gravity Falls is a Disney show that is interesting for both children and adults. It has mystery and humor… Some episodes even have twist endings. Gravity Falls is about 2 twins named Dipper (boy) and Mabel (girl). They have an uncle named Grunkle stan. One day, Dipper finds a journal in the woods while hammering signs onto trees. He opens it and now there are lots and lots of mysteries to uncover. So read all of this, watch the show, and then you will understand every word I write.

Spoiler 1: Dipper has a magnifying glass that can show a lot more secrets in his journal then he thinks!

Spoiler 2: Bill Cipher (the “triangle guy”) is returning.

Final spoiler: Do you hear that at the end of the theme song? Or is it just me?