My Son’s Life Flashed Before My Eyes

Today I watched my son’s life flash before my eyes. My oldest son. My first son. In just a few months he will turn thirteen. He’s the one that made me a father. Today was the first day I really felt frustrated in real estate. Everyone was pulling for my time, and I had very little of it to give.

I was rushing to get signs up for my Open House. Caleb Jr. wanted to help. I sent him across the street to put a sign out. On his way back across the street I watched as a car nearly ended his life. He survived and spent the rest of the day like nothing happened. My mind kept auto-replaying the car speeding down the road nearly ending his life. It’s still stuck on replay.

What if my eyes had watched my son’s life taken from him today? Would I even be able to survive? Tomorrow is Easter. With all the pain of even the thought of the car hitting him, my soul is settled inside knowing that it wouldn’t be the last time I saw him because some 2,000 years ago the tomb was empty. Thank God He is risen.

Keep Moving Forward,
Caleb O’Hara

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