Honoring Sarah Palin:

Thanking Governor Palin for all she’s done for America

I have a confession to make. If it wasn’t for Governor Sarah Palin—the real one—not Tina Fey’s caricature, I would not be involved in politics.

The rise of Sarah Palin has dramatically changed the landscape for conservatives.

Sarah Palin at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

In 2008, it was McCain’s turn in line, and I was ready to give up on the Grand Old Party, because that’s all it seemed to be—this good ole boys club with a bunch of old, moderate men drunk on power. But then this governor from Alaska, out of nowhere, gave the most electrifying speech we’ve ever heard at a national convention— praised all around from Bill Clinton to my next door neighbor—my interest was sparked, but I was not convinced.

I’m not here to tell you Sarah Palin is perfect—thankfully she acknowledges that, but if you do your research on her, you’re sure to be impressed.

Sarah Palin on the campaign trail in 2008.

From the first time I saw Sarah Palin in person on October 22, 2008 at a rally in Findlay, Ohio, I was hopeful but skeptical. Before me stood a conservative rockstar—a mother of five, governor of the largest state with an approval rating that hovered around ninety percent, and she championed conservative values. She loved America, and she had a fight in her I’d never seen before.

It only makes sense that the media would do all it could to demolish her, especially seeing how the media coddled then-junior senator, Barack Obama.

The more I looked into Governor Palin’s record, the more I saw a tried-and-true conservative leader with an incredible story in our American history.

Sarah Palin on Hannity.

In 2008, Governor Palin was the only one running on either side of the ticket that actually had executive experience, but the media brushed over that crucial fact.

Sarah Palin was the youngest and first governor of the Last Frontier. She shows what it means to fight like a girl. She didn’t marry into wealth or power like a certain former First Lady.

Sarah Palin holding her son, Trig.

She was able to raise a child with Down syndrome while still governing the largest state in the Union, showing that her unapologetic pro-life position, shared by the majority of young Americans, was not just a talking point, but something she lived.

She’s not a lifetime member of the NRA so she can get votes, but because she hunts to feed her family and can actually gut a moose. She said one of my favorite lines, “There’s enough room for all of God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.”

Palin knows what it takes to become energy independent, which is why “drill, baby, drill” became such a popular chant in 2008. Americans are self-sufficient, we don’t like to rely on unstable countries for energy security.

Palin loves Israel and the Jewish people, which could not be more important with anti-Semitism on the rise even on American soil. She is a good friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who happens to be one of my favorite leaders in the world.

Sarah Palin on the set of Saturday Night Live.

Sarah’s dad, Chuck Heath Sr. was a science teacher, and many of her family members are involved in public education, so Sarah has a good handle on what needs to change with our education system.

Sarah Palin with supporters.

I’ve talked to so many young women inspired by Sarah to get involved in politics, and it makes me happy because—let’s be honest—no politician and their family has been attacked the way Team Obama and the media went after Sarah and her family. As she says, “Only dead fish go with the flow.”

Sarah Palin loves our military. One of her favorite lines, “If you love your freedom, thank a Vet,” captures her heart for members of the military. Her son, Track, deployed to Iraq on September 11, 2008 and she spoke to us as a military mom. She believes in Reagan’s proven “peace through strength” policy.

Sarah Palin speaking at a Tea Party rally.

It’s funny how conservatives complain all the time about how we need help with PR, and wonder why we’re seen as the party of old, rich, white men. I don’t know, maybe because that’s all we ever show the world — think Karl Rove, the talking head of the GOP. Along comes Sarah Palin—a beautiful, young woman who has accomplished more than most men hope to accomplish in a lifetime, and the old, rich, white men scoff at her chances of being the face of the party.

Nikki Haley and Sarah Palin.

When will Republicans know when they have a good thing? We threw Sarah Palin under the bus in 2008, but since then she has been a political kingmaker—helping Rand Paul, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, and many more conservative rockstars get elected.

Even if you don’t like Sarah Palin, you at least have to acknowledge all that she has done, and if nothing else, she truly loves our country and is doing all she can to make it better for future generations.

Her courage is contagious and she has taught me to stand up and speak out, not to listen to the haters, and keep smiling.

Thank you, Governor Palin! Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday!

Sarah Palin and Caleb Parke at the Faith & Freedom Coalition.
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