Direction… have a map? Compass?

Mason and I 10/31/2013 ❤

I’ve discovered that I’m not actually sure what direction I'm heading with this blogging … blog? I do know that my kids constantly amaze me in little ways that I always tell myself “wow I need to share this” … then I forget to bah! Mason is learning so much in school it amazes me. Everyday he’s always asking me questions about things or asking me to challenge his knowledge I love it. Everly on the other hand is learning just as quick as Mason and is very determined to do things on her own. Everly scares me some days she’s honestly 3 going on 13. I look back occasionally at pictures really feel how quick life is passing by. Just the other day I was looking at a picture of Mason and I and felt a pang of sadness knowing he’ll never be that small again. Life is beautiful and having kids, I feel, is the most beautiful thing you can experience in life. I try to remind myself everyday to love them kiss them and my wife and really enjoy the little moments that are always fleeting. I have some hopes and dreams about our future just like anyone else and I dream one day I can spend more time with my wife and kids instead of working myself to the bone day after day. I also hope and feel that between my wife taking all the pictures she does and a few blogs on my behalf now and then we can create a nice documentation of our families journey. Until next time I blog thank you for being here for this journey.

Everly and Daddy 10/31/2013 ❤