State Management in Vue

Variety can be good, but sometimes difficult to navigate.
  • Simple/local state (in a component) is usually for trivial scenarios, where the effort of other kinds doesn’t justify their use. Visibility or if a dropdown or a modal isOpen. Simple stuff that’s used locally or as a prop.
  • Complex/shared/application state is for more intricate scenarios. Maybe stored as a global POJO — the currentUser, hasPermissionX, etc. The trouble is that anything can mutate it and it often takes significant time to trace the change origin. The lifecycle of a POJO is raw and undefined — great for flexibility, but hard to manage and difficult to reason about.
  • Persistent state is the most valuable kind of data — we worry about it if the servers crash, or data center goes down — the currentUser’s email address, their personal data … whatever your app stores long term.
    We should know: what it is — a Schema, where to find it — a home, or source of truth, and How to access it — a familiar and consistent API.

The solution: A Data Access Layer (DAL)

Important details to consider:


Convenience & Interoperability

  • Solid event systems ✔️
  • Efficient and performant reactivity systems ✔️



  • Decoupled from templates
  • Easy to use, custom validators
  • Function composition (Moment.js, name-your-lib, etc.)
  • type (string, number, etc.)
  • format (date, email, etc.)
  • minLength, maxLength, pattern, definition and more





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Caleb Roseland

Caleb Roseland

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