Estimating the cost of custom software projects doesn’t have to be a roll of the dice.

When starting a new venture such as a custom software application, we’d all like know how much it will cost to build. However, when building the first version of an application (MVP) it is nearly impossible to know the total cost upfront, but there is another way.

The Trouble with Upfront Estimates

When customers come to us and explain the problems they would like to solve with a custom software application, both parties need to make a number of simplifying assumptions to come up with a traditional estimate.

As a business owner, you are likely coming to a company like RoleModel because you aren’t yet…

CC Image courtesy of Andrei Niemimäki on Flickr

At RoleModel Software, we’ve always been about Software Craftsmanship and training the next generation of Software Craftsmen. Over the years we’ve developed several tools for measuring the skill level of a developer on the path to becoming a Craftsman.

One of those tools is our Craftsmanship Level matrix, which helps identify the areas in which a person needs to grow in order to take on the responsibilities of later levels. First delivering on simple tasks, breaking down complex problems, and eventually being able to teach others, and lead a team.

This has been a helpful tool, but there still are…

As with most of the web and mobile development community we primarily use git and Github to manage our source code for projects. The benefits of using a source control system are many, but how much value you get out of git depends largely on how effectively you use it. It’s a good idea to step back from time to time and take a look how we are using our tools to see how we can improve. …

The software industry suffers from a lack of talent to fulfill the increasing demands of the market. Software development is no longer a skill that only big enterprises require; it’s a part of every business. We know that software will continue to shape the world we live in, but who is going to write it?

Supply and Demand

With the supply of competent developers far below the demand of the market, many companies are capitalizing on this need by building businesses around training new developers. These programs seek to take individuals with little or no experience and churn out developers after a period…


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