Photo by Max Flinterman from Pexels
Photo by Max Flinterman from Pexels
Photo by Max Flinterman from Pexels

A practical guide to cut through the noise to find the signal.

I see many smart people get overwhelmed and lost when a number shows up the way it shouldn’t. It could be anything: sales, e-commerce conversion, or app performance. Data, when used properly, helps you to take action, set goals, and measure progress. But it can also become messy and create anxiety.

5 simple questions to reduce stress and bring alignment

Writing down answers to these five simple questions, whether individually or with a team, brings clarity and gets everyone on the same page. Writing it down may feel basic, but I’ve found that it reduces scrambling. …

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Practical do’s and don’ts when code is not in your job description.

If you search for “Should <insert profession here> write code?” you’ll only find superficial answers. There’s an undertone that it’s only necessary for software engineers. Everyone else has more important things to do.

Should only NFL players play football? Should only museum-worthy artists create art? Of course not. These are silly questions. If you want to play football, then play football. If you’re inspired, then create art.

Code is one tool of many in the toolbox. Carpenters have hammers. Painters have brushes. Developers have code.

This question, “should <insert profession here> write code?” is rooted in ego. …

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Lessons from product management to improve your outcomes.


  • Writing code has clear outputs and expectations.
  • For impactful work, think of everything you do as an experiment.
  • Use the Experiment Template to clarify your thinking and measure progress.

Writing code for the first ten years of my professional career was rewarding since I could clearly and quickly see progress. I could write and deploy to production the same day and immediately see my work’s results, even when there were bugs. Instant dopamine hit. “If I do (x), then (y) will happen.” If I build this feature, then I’ll move on to the next exciting feature. …

Caleb Wright

I write about code and product management. Currently a Senior Product Manager at

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