Generation Z Poised to See Huge Success on Social

A quick Google search of “Generation Z” will yield many results of when this new generation started. Ranging from 1995 to 2001 to 2004 it is hard for anyone to say for sure when Gen Z began and the Millennial generation ended. For the sake of argument, I am using the year 2000 as the beginning of Gen Z.

Now that we have established who the Gen Z is, we can now explore why they are and will see huge success on social networks.

In classic millennial style, I would say that millennials paved the way to success on social networks. As the first generation to use some of the first social networks, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, we saw the power of connecting with others through these platforms. From the early rise of stars like Jeffree Star and Tila Tequila on MySpace to Tyler Oakley and Lilly Singh on YouTube, we are the first generation to grow stardom out of thin air and a front facing laptop webcam.

So how does this new form of success translate to the current generation? Simple, they know it works. Anyone will tell you that Gen Y’ers and Gen Z’ers do not pay attention to ads, tv, and other traditional media forms as generations before us used to. Gen Z is more aware of social networks and “App Culture” than Gen Y was at the same age. Early Gen Y’ers were in their 20’s when MySpace launched in 2003, and later Gen Y’ers were 13–15 when the first IPhone came out in 2007 and even then it was not as widely use or accepted by 15-year-olds as it is today.

Gen Z’ers have been surrounded by smartphones since they were seven years old. Since 2007 smartphones, apps, and social networks have advanced leaps and bounds ahead of where it all began. With the learning curve of smartphones diminished and the path of Social Stardom blazed. It is no wonder we are seeing teens having huge success on social networks.

One quick look at star Baby Ariel’s stats will paint a picture of the current state of Social Stardom.

At age 15 Ariel has:
12 Million Followers
3 Million Instagram Followers
1.3 Million YouTube Followers

While this is astonishing, it is not as uncommon as you think. A quick look at this list of stars, you will see that majority of the stars are under the age of eighteen.

If you are reading this blog you have some interested in business or marketing and understand the clout these young stars have and how much marketers and brands want to get in front of those 12 million+ eyeballs. This is where we start to see followers turn to dollars. These young stars are making big bucks with product endorsements and product placements in their posts.

This is just the beginning for these young stars. With their current clout and some strategic management, they can see their success last for years to come.