Set this Health Insurance Garbage on Fire
Sonya Huber

When the ACA was enacted, it included a provision that prevented small, family owned businesses from having only two spouses to make up a business plan. The Kaiser insurance we had paid $560 per month for in our family of 4 was now illegal and my all my defenses of “Obamacare” to conservative friends, now seemed very pointless. To get the cheapest plan on the exchange was going to cost us $1070 per month.


After lots and lots of research and then an overheard conversation, I discovered the world of medical-sharing co-ops. Ours actually has a legal exclusion so we don’t pay the penalty on our taxes. We pay $250 a month with a 10K “deductible” so we can submit any expenses after that for sharing. We’ve yet to cross that threshold, even with two kids, and I act as a cash patient when we go to the doctor. Fee for getting Lego removed from nose at peditrician’s office yesterday: $30. Online Dr. consultation to get UTI antibiotics: Free because app is part of Co-op. Cash cost for 7 days of Cipro- $19.79. Even if someone in our house were to break their arm or need knee surgery, the money we’ve saved since ditching insurance would cover our payment portion.

Generally healthy people only need high-deductible plans and a moderate savings account. But the health care system as it exists doesn’t reward personal responsibility.

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