Why most people don’t commit suicide.

The difference between the meaning of life and the purpose of living.

In my experience people make decisions constantly that all relate to one thing, which is the purpose of living, while I am no scientist, philosopher, or anyone of any knowledge about the matter, I believe that the meaning of life is to reproduce, to procreate. That being said though,

The purpose of living is to seek emotion and feeling.

What I mean by this is that everyone’s goal is to gain some form of feeling, weather it be a

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Etc.

One. For example, someone might buy a soda instead of a water, well the goal here is to have the taste of the soda in your mouth. Someone who can’t afford or doesn’t know how to seek good feelings is then forced to feel bad ones, for example people who cut themselves are longing for the pain, maybe it’s to ground themselves. Or some form of expressing to themselves, that they hate themselves.

These things that people do, are all DECISIONS which are used to feel emotion or physical feelings.

Which brings me to my next point, people’s decisions tend to be based very loosely on this chart.

Every small decision that you make can relate to this chart, for example buying a lottery ticket:

Of course there is more complicated possibilities such as taking drugs in the eyes of many:

The point is that every decision we make is related to the graphs.

The purpose of life is to seek emotion or feeling.