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Is it ambitious to want to save the world? Sure. But, as Eddie Vedder sings on one of my all-time favorite Pearl Jam tunes, “Sometimes.”

Seek my part, devote myself

My small self

Like a book amongst the many on a shelf

Whatever you truly care about, spending any amount of time championing it can make the world a better place — even if it’s just in your small pocket of the world. After all, if we all made a little effort, we could have the power to impact our little third rock from the Sun positively.

Of course, time restraints are always holding us back from making a difference. But, thanks to your trusted calendar, that’s no longer an excuse. …

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At least 70% of Americans are using credit cards with at least 34% carrying 3 or more different cards. In the past, I was not always a fan of credit cards. However, once I learned how to use them wisely I finally started to see the benefits of carrying a few credit cards.

If you love keeping a handful of credit cards for shopping, rewards, and travel, you’ve likely run into some issues when it comes to keeping all your card information organized and tracking rewards. The solution to being able to manage your credit card rewards and usage information may be to start using an online calendar system.

Spreadsheets are great, but here’s why I think an online calendar will do wonders in this area of your life.

Schedule Credit Card Due Dates

Millions of people miss paying their minimum credit card bills each month. Whether it’s an accident or intentional, your credit card issuer will likely…

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Even if you’re a digital marketing pro, this area can be complex and overwhelming. After all, it’s comprised of SEO, native marketing, PPC, online PR, and inbound marketing. Oh yeah. You can’t forget about affiliate, email, social media, and content marketing as well.

But, without it, you won’t have an online presence or be able to connect with your audience. As a consequence, your competitors will swoop-in. And, ultimately, all of this means you’re missing out on sales.

So, yeah. Digital marketing is a big deal. That’s why you need to find ways to make it more successful. A great starting point is making your digital marketing more productive by doing the 10 following techniques.

1. Establish goals and objectives.

“Far too often, marketers set out with undefined or very loosely defined goals,” write the folks over at Campaign Monitor. …

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With some exceptions, the roughly 287 million registered vehicle owners realize that purchasing their vehicle was only half the battle. The other? Properly maintaining it.

Unless you’re driving a temporary vehicle, most car owners intend to keep their automobiles for an extended period of time. They have to change the oil regularly change the oil, transmission, brake, and coolant fluids. You also need to protect it from the elements and keep it clean — don’t forget the underside that’s full of winter salt and road grime.

As with vehicle maintenance — you have to maintain your productivity.

The same is true with productivity. It’s one thing to take steps in becoming more productive. It’s quite another to maintain that output.

And, this has never been more true during the last year of COVID. Many people have…

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Life in the early second millennium is quite a hectic or even manic one. Modern people try to do dozens of errands and be in several places at the same time. Family matters, household drudgeries, and social responsibilities keep us on the run when we finally call it a day at our work. And the work itself sucks up most of our time and energy.

Moreover, we not only toil at full steam, trying to excel at accomplishing our routine tasks. Pursuing the highest goals, many career-oriented people take on additional assignments and tackle them hammer and tongs. Why? They try to climb the very top of the career ladder. As a result, you become a proverbial Jack whose excessive work and the absence of play turned him into a dull boy. Yet, dullness is too soft a name for burnout — the real scourge of our busy times.

Burnout Scrutinized

All of us feel exhausted or discouraged from time to time, but luckily such doldrums don’t…

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Time is money for many business owners and unfortunately, it can be pretty scarce when you have a lot on your plate. While your main focus shouldn’t be how much you can get done in the shortest amount of time, it will be helpful to implement some simple time-saving hacks to your business whenever you can.

That way, you can focus on productivity and profitability. Here are 5 easy ways to save time in your business.

1. Create a Realistic Schedule

Planning out your day is crucial if you want to save time and stay on track. While you may not get everything done that you intended to complete, you’ll still have a pretty good idea of what you should do next instead of having to waste time while you figure it out.

The best way to plan out your day or week is to first track your time and figure out how long it takes you to complete certain tasks…

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While making a salad for lunch yesterday, I cut my finger while cutting-up a tomato. It wasn’t severe. But, it was just enough for me to proclaim how much of a moron I am.

Even though you might not be aware of this, we all engage in a little self-talk occasionally. But, what exactly is self-talk, and what role does it play in being productive? And — is your self-talk more positive or negative? Let’s start making it positive.

What is self-talk?

The simplest answer? Self-talk is your inner voice or internal monologue. And, it’s often associated with your self-worth.

Think about it. When you make a mistake, like cutting a finger, you berate yourself for being clumsy. …

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It may seem like a modern concept — but we’ve been striving for productivity for centuries. For example, one of the earliest mentions of productivity can be found in the classic economics text Wealth of Nations, written by Adam Smith in 1776.

What’s more, Benjamin Franklin came up with the first to-do-list in 1791. Even the day planner has been around since 1850. But, in the 21st Century, technology has almost made us obsessed with productivity.

Don’t believe me? Google “productivity” for the heck of it. You’ll get around 561,000,000 results!

On a daily basis, we’re bombarded with tools and hacks that promise to make us more productive. The problem is that eventually, we get burned out.

Then, the pandemic hit. For many of us, that meant we had “extra” time on our hands. …

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If you already rely on a physical calendar, you might not see the need to add an online calendar to your arsenal. Your current time management system might seem to work just fine, but you’re missing out on a lot of potential by shirking additional technology.

Using a paper and digital Calendar, map, or any other hard copy is entirely up to you and beneficial in many cases. If you still need some convincing, check out the ways your daily life will benefit from implementing an online calendar to your existing system:

Online Calendars are Portable

As great as a physical calendar might be at home or in your office, you can’t expect to carry it with you everywhere. Even pocket calendars and portable planners can be burdensome at times. Worst of all, a physical calendar can be easily left behind, leaving you in the dark.

You can access your…

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If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable. And, even if it’s for the best, it can also be painful and uncomfortable.

Your business may have learned or pivoted to meet new demands. Other businesses weren’t as fortunate and were forced to close temporarily or permanently. It’s been stressful to keep up with the fluctuating guidelines — think restaurants and what their capacity can be.

Along the way, your dedicated employees have stuck with you. And, if this has been trying on you, it also has been for them. However, going forward, you can make it easier for them to adapt by doing the following.

1. Have a compelling “why.”

Do you remember when your parents asked you to do something, like clean your room? …


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