2nd Job Interview in my entire life!

Lately my return to training has been coming out pretty well. I decided to focus more on running and incorporate more running days in to my week. My usual week training consist of lifting weights 6 days a week with a day off. Out of those 6 days I would do 30 min cardio after my lifting routine 2xs a week. I originally had a goal to try to accomplish or see how close I could get to it by my birthday which is on Dec 31, which we are exactly 35 days away! So I am going to be running a lot more now and focus on cutting down on fat!

After having a good morning cardio session I went back to the apartment because I had an interview in a few hours. This is the 2nd interview I have had in my entire life! Some jobs I have had in the past didn’t required one. I remember my 1st interview was with fucking Dominoes Pizza which they never call me back. So I was nervous as fuck, this interview was with a luxury clothing brand for a stock associate position at one of their Manhattan location. I researched in to the brand history and was really admiring their clothing and concept. Their clothing isn’t cheap but they work with Italian designers and import a lot of good quality leather for their accessories, bags and coats. I was supposed to get a ride over there but ended up taking the train from The Bronx to Manhattan. I got a lot of looks and stares on my way to the interview, must have been my haircut and beard or perhaps my good look in a suit. Upon arrival to the clothing store, I was amazed how big and well put the store was inside. It was pretty busy around 2:30 which is the time I arrived and my interview appointment was at 3:00 pm. I think I did OK at interview, It was disappointing that the interview didn’t take place in a office or at least a quiet area. I have hearing problems so I use hearing aids and there was a moment where I had to request a question to be repeated 3xs. Lets see what happens, after I got home I send a thank you letter for at least giving me the chance to get interview.

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