Can I learn how to code (HTML 5, CSS, PHP) in 2 months?

This was our first PC my dad bought us in 2000, and it was a gaming one :)

So I wake up this morning to check on my Instagram (don’t forget to follow me I post a lot of funny and fitness related shit) and noticed that this programmer kid started following me. I click on his IG and noticed he is originally from LA and moved here to NYC, why? the fuck I know but I do know he seems like a cool kid. This kid passion for coding brought me back some High School memories to where I was taking a class for web developing and also to when my dad bought us our first PC. Keep in mind the World Wide Web got introduced to the world back in 1991 so the internet is not that old in fact it will be turning 25 years in August 2016. So my point is that learning to code is a must to what is to come from the technology world and I am pretty sure it would look nice on the resume and could open you up some good opportunities. So I am going back to refresh my memory on HTML and learn HTML 5 and CSS. Going to first accomplish being able to design and develop responsive sites. This would also help me build a nice simple E-commerce site for my fitness apparel brand I am also building. I also have another big project in mind that could go big in the WWW world but first I must learn to code. Going to dedicate the next 2 months to learning how to code!

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