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Where and When To Vote

Voting has changed in LA County for this election! You can vote for 11 days and you can vote anywhere in LA County no matter where you live. Vote near your office, your kid’s school, or your favorite park. Of course, you can still vote by mail.

Key Facts About the New Voting System: Voting centers will use touchscreen computers to offer voters more clarity and accessibility. You can change the language and use assistive technologies like scaled text or a hearing device. These computers are not online and are not saving votes or counting them. They are called “ballot marking devices” and will print your votes on paper where you can verify them before casting.

Strategies to improve how your team communicates about data

📓Download the UX of Data worksheet

Generating data is easy. Ensuring it is reliable and widely accessible is hard.

Data is often not accessible unless you can write code. People in non-technical roles rely on data every day to make decisions, develop ideas or measure success. When tools and systems are not created with them in mind, they lose trust and understanding. They lose their bearings and end up relying on other methods to make decisions.

Even when you can write SQL, Python or R, you may not have all the access you need. …

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Your vote matters. It matters even more at the local level. Keisha Bottoms, the Mayor of Atlanta, won her 2017 election by 832 votes. The LA County Registrar gives a presentation about several elections that came down to less votes than that. There are so many great resources out there to help you decide what’s best for city, state and federal races and measures. As Grandma Roman used to say — it’s important to not only vote but vote intelligently. So vote intelligently we will!

Following up my California primary guide from June, here are some additional resources for this important election on November 6. …

How Product Designers drive growth and what it means to hire a Growth Designer

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Growth has long been a vital discipline in the tech industry. Most companies have growth leads or growth teams and acknowledge on some level that they need growth expertise in house to help, well…grow the company.

Meanwhile, design has been an afterthought in the growth discussion. Growth teams often work without dedicated product, engineering or design resources, left to beg for scraps of time from the “core product” work. Countless startups have hired one person, called them a growth hacker and waited for a magic rain of users and profit.

(Sidenote: This may sound obvious, but you can tell a team understands growth because their company is growing exponentially. This is, apparently, not obvious to many companies who sustain non-functioning growth orgs for years.)

Hack for LA celebrates National Day of Civic Hacking with Design Thinking

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Jerry Ramirez, Dorit Dowler-Guerrero, Laura Guglielmo and Emily Uyeda Kantrim share their expertise around homelessness [Photo by Jim Thoburn]

Every year, Code for America volunteer brigades around the country celebrate a day devoted to civic hacking. Teams nationwide come up with ways to give back to their communities and aim to motivate others to join the cause. In the past, Hack for LA teams have come up with apps that help people find jobs, serve specific neighborhoods and help do intake for Safe Parking LA.

But this year, we tried something different.

We decided to focus our National Day of Civic Hacking on empathy.

Given that homelessness in Los Angeles has increased 75% in the last six years, we know it’s an important issue full of opportunities. We built our schedule around hearing from local government agencies, nonprofits and advocates. As we heard from the experts, we processed what we were hearing using design thinking exercises. At the end of the day, everyone walked away with a specific problem they could help solve and a deeper understanding of the root cause of the problem. …

Hello everyone,

I’m using Medium’s letter writing feature to send you a note about my latest blog post. I have been whiteboarding this idea for how I think Growth Teams can be more effective. Spoiler alert —there are no growth teams, everyone’s a growth team!

Read it and then send me your thoughts on Twitter @calexity

All for growth and growth for all!
- Lex

I’ve had many discussions with founders and growth leaders about how growth can be most effective within a company. After drawing this idea repeatedly on whiteboards for founders, I decided it was time to document and share it. Here’s how I envision growth as an organization wide approach.

Anyone who raises venture capital recognizes the need to grow fast. Founders forecast dramatic and exciting results and then overpromise them in return for cash. As they get their startup gets some traction, they think “I should probably hire a growth person.”

Later on, that growth person hires more people and they become a Growth Team. In another part of the company, there’s a Product Team and probably a Marketing Team and an Engineering Team and a Design Team. …

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California’s Primary is coming up on June 5. Unfortunately, California voter turnout for non-Presidential elections is usually less than 33%. We have a serious list of races for this primary including Governor, US Senate, State Senate and Assembly, LA County Supervisors and several LA County Judges.

These people will determine California’s future — every decision from educational resources to how we get out of this housing crisis to gun violence prevention.

“It doesn’t have to be your whole life’s work. It’s about each of us making it bite-sized so we can create change.”

- Alyssa Mastromonaco

Anyone who knows me knows that I strongly believe your vote matters. I’ve seen the LA County Registrar share examples of races that came down to a handful of votes or even a single vote. Atlanta’s last Mayoral race came down to just 800 votes. The more local the race, the more obscure the position, the more your vote matters. …

A simple guide to using design techniques to solve issues in your community

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Illustrations courtesy the author

I see everything as a design problem. Line too long at the DMV? Design problem. Not enough healthy food in your neighborhood? Design problem. Can’t afford a place to live? Design problem.

If you think of everything as a design problem, then you know you can use design to solve it. Perhaps you’ve heard the Steve Jobs quote: “Design is how it works.” If you believe that statement, then everything is design and everything is designed.

Think about how you navigate public transit in your city, or whether there is public transit at all. What about how your city reacts to emergencies — is there a full-time fire department? How do you get your kids into a good school? What’s it like to go to that school? All of this is designed. …

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This post was originally posted on the InVision blog

As designers, we know our work has an impact. We see the power of design in every aspect of our lives. But not everyone is able to connect the dots between design and business growth. It is up to us, as designers, to help tell our own success stories. When we’re able to demonstrate the value of our work, design becomes a critical contributor to the business. We can advocate for bigger design teams, higher salaries, and more integrated design systems.

This article is for anyone who wants to get more involved in product analytics. Far too often, designers don’t have direct access to the tools they need to measure the impact of their work. If this is the case on your team, I hope this post can help you overcome those barriers. …


Lex Roman

Product and Growth Designer. Delivering measurable value. Increasing data literacy. Housing and homeless advocate.

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