It took a bit of time and a whole lot of collaboration. But my colleagues from the VCU School of Business and I published our paper on Brand Skill. I won’t wait for Medium to tell you — it’s a “long read”.

This is part 2 of my thinking on whom companies are looking to hire. In a previous post, I posed the question “Do we crave unicorns but write the same old non-unicorn job descriptions?” An easy question to ask, but I decided to go and test it out.

So I sampled the on-line job postings of several “hot” companies in advertising, marketing, consulting, consumer packaged goods and lifestyle/fashion. This was by NO MEANS a quantitative sample or rigorous investigation. I was purposely looking for the type of roles, responsibilities and language that I thought would appeal to the rabidly sought…

I’ve never made a podcast — despite how much I enjoy them. But I’m not above making 16 graduate students make podcasts. Below is the link to the VCU Brandcenter Cultural Standpoints podcast series, brought to you by the Strategy Track. Cultural Standpoints originated as a long form writing assignment that morphed into a magazine that shifted to a blog and now — well here you go. We hope you enjoy it


Spring!! That glorious change of season that has us shedding layers of clothing and feeling rejuvenated by new growth. When eager students are heading out of college or grad school — full of hope for the career they’ve been prepping for and more than a little afraid of the loans they’ll be paying back.

There is hope on the part of employers too. They are looking to meet the unicorns they speak so much about. You know unicorns — the mythical creatures dating back to ancient Greece. Symbols of purity and grace with healing powers. Wild and undomesticated — difficult…

While it seems that the fire hydrant-worthy stream of business articles with “Big Data!” in the title have been reduced to a trickle. But after attending CES, the concept has been reborn in my head. The smart home, the smart wallet, the smart health care tools and the smart car will all generate data — obviously. What I’m curious about is the adoption curve of all this data for the homeowners, moms, dads, doctors, etc. Will they track it, manage it, store it and use it to demand better results from the companies who made them so darn smart? Will it reduce health care premiums, utility fees, and improve our credit ratings? Will we compare spreadsheets with our neighbors and become helicopter homeowners? Pardon the hyperbole, but I do wonder.

2017 CES — We’re going to need more charging stations.

I first went to CES — I don’t really want you to know how long it’s been. Suffice it to say that PCs were really new and one of the big “show stoppers” was the compact disc.

Now that I’ve got that bit of embarrassment out of the way, I’ll share with you my topline takeaways from Las Vegas and CES 2017.

  1. Staying in and walking around casinos is truly living in an altered state. Any casino floor seemingly goes on for miles and is full of far too much stimulation. To get to the monorail that took me to…

Caley Cantrell

Lover of challenging problems, Strategy Track Head at the VCU Brandcenter, Children’s book author

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