Do Our Restrictions As Children Impact Our Adult Life?

Everyone knows what they want to be as an adult when they’re a child. Most of us wanted to be Doctors, Vets, Astronauts or Soldiers. I remember, personally, I wanted to be a Pilot in the Royal Air Force, but I never followed this dream. I often wonder, why is it now that I didn’t pursue my dream and become a Pilot? Is it too late?

Does our current Education System have an impact on our aspirations?

At the beginning of our education, we get taught the basics of life, we get given a sand pit and some water, with this we learn to Share, Communicate, Create, Discover and have Fun. All of these things are the necessities to having an enjoyable life, however, as soon as we leave this part of education and we head into a primary school we are taught some more complicated things. We get taught how to use the English language correctly, Mathematics, Science and a few other core subjects that we need. We do this in a class of maybe twenty or thirty other pupils, making us all the same. Only when we progress through education to the point of going to college, do we get to choose what we would like to specialize in as a career, but is this too late? What if we don’t get taught enough about career varieties as children? What if our lack of experiences leaves us clueless about what possibilities there are in the world?

Do our Parents or Guardians have an impact on our aspirations?

Realistically, Yes. These are the people we look up to throughout our upbringing, and these are the people that we want to copy and be just like. So could this be the principal problem as to why so many young adults are stuck clueless as to what they want to do in life? Or is it that we missed out on some opportunities as children and these experiences could have played a vital part in our future progression? Take this personal experience of mine into consideration. As I stated in the opening paragraph to this article, I wanted to be a Pilot as a child. To me, there was nothing cooler that getting into an Aircraft, shooting down the runway at insane speeds then suddenly just leaving the ground and heading for the clouds. The reason I never followed this dream is that by the time I was old enough to understand what I needed to do, I realized I was scared of heights, and even more, I was petrified of the thought of flying. I used to watch Airplanes go by and thinking about being inside that vehicle would begin to give me anxiety, so of course, I canceled this dream and started trying to find something new to be.

Did I find a new dream? Where am I now?

I found a new dream, I decided at the age of thirteen that I’m going to be a Games Developer, specializing in the language of Java. I’m currently 21, I’m not there yet, but I’m moving on the right path. Although I have my heart dead-set on becoming a games developer, I’m still struggling to settle into this because I just believe there are so many more opportunities that we may never find out about as individuals, I want to make sure I get the right one for me.

So why am I writing this article?

As stated above, I’m currently at the ripe age of 21. My 21st Birthday was only a week ago at the time of writing this, and I was surprised by my girlfriend with a short holiday to ‘Mallorca,’ now anyone with any geographical skill will know that Mallorca is an island and therefore we can’t travel by bus. After a few days of panic and anxiety, I was forced to head to Newcastle Airport and get on an Airplane. While we taxied to the runway my heart rate was insane, I could barely breathe, and I was trying to hold back from crying, however, as soon as we took off, I realized that this was the best experience of my life. From that one flight, I knew that all I wanted to do was work on Airplanes, either as a Pilot or an Air Host, just something to keep me in the air. To become a pilot, it might just be a little too late for me because of the education required. This takes me back to the topic of this article if we get restricted to certain things as children, will this massively impact the rest of our lives? I understand we can’t experience everything as a child, but I’d like other people to know that their fears may only be fears until they try it.

Think about what you missed out on as a child. Do you think if you participated in it, it would change who you are today?

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