Eyes & Ears #12 — Second Shoot

Equipped with the experience of last week and a clear vision of photographs I want to make, I’m back in the studio again today to shoot one of my friends Dylan Wright.

The lighting setup I used for most of this shoot was exactly the same as last time, with the larger Elinchrom lightbox to the top left of the subject and a smaller one lower and to the right to just fill in some shadows.

My posing process was much the same as last time as well, throw on some music and just talk out some different angles and poses with the model to shoot. What I liked about this shoot with Dylan was that he brought his acoustic guitar, which is a different object to work with than an electric.

For this shoot I decided to set the previews on my camera to black and white. This helped me to get a quick idea about how I might want to develop my photos later.

Towards the end of the shoot Dylan showed me an album cover of an artists he likes and asked if we could make an image like that. It was a black and white backlit profile of the artist which was easy enough to recreate in the studio.

After this shoot, we organised another time to do another shoot in a different environment. I had seen on his social media channels that he often visited his sisters place which has beautiful natural light, so we went there a week after.

Here are the photos from that shoot:

With this particular shoot, I struggled to find poses that complemented the subject to begin with. He was quite relaxed deep in the couch and that was a natural pose for him, but it wasn’t that flattering. So when he leaned forward for a couple of photos, we stuck with that pose because it looked the best.

I kept these images in colour because that couch is damn sexy.

Although Nirav Patels work is often a lot darker than this, I felt his influence on this shoot because of the natural light and the way I have chosen to edit the images.