Cookies in Colorado

The past three days consisted of driving through 7 different states to get to Durango, Colorado for my sister’s wedding. Exhausted, dehydrated, and dirty from the dusty roads, higher elevation and lack of vegetarian and gluten free food. I haven’t been off the West Coast since I was a child so this 95 degree cabin that we’re staying in is a culture shock for sure. Though with the wedding in two days there is no time to adjust, in fact even though we’ve been here for less than 24 hours I’ve been stuck with the task of baking cookies for the wedding which will replace the cake. Alone in this cabin-like home the only view outside the huge windows is forest and lake. With of course a sprinkle of deer, squirrels, bear warning signs and bugs I hope to never see again in my life. Besides the intense smell of cookies, it’s hard to smell anything due to my dry but somehow also stuffy nose. It’s hard to imagine how any one could live here long term, or how my sister could move from to Seattle to this country lifestyle. From the sounds of cars to the sounds of wind chimes and birds. I’ve never been so far out of my element, but i’m ready to explore more this week of the senses Colorado brings that my body has yet to experience.