My four-week placement skipped coffee-making class and got straight into the nuts and bolts of digital PR

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by Ria Manwar

Ria Manwar just finished a four-week internship with Caliber. Looking back over her time with us, she chats everything from spreadsheets and influencer data through to Thursday breakfasts.

Everyone knows how good a few well-placed internships can make your CV look. It’s one of the key factors lecturers hammer home as they attempt to get you ready for the big bad world of employment. If you’re reading this, then the chances are you might be looking for an internship of your own. …

Caliber CEO Rav Singh recently spoke with The Drum Network, discussing his own experiences of racism and discrimination in the industry and the changes he believes need to take place inside UK marcoms.

Article originally posted by Michael Feeley on The Drum

What are the benefits of encouraging ethnic and gender diversity among your workforce?

Looking across my 30 years of professional experience, I can see how having a range of different perspectives inside your team is very valuable for any business, but even more so for an agency like Caliber. If you have a ‘monotone’ approach to your workforce, you are more likely to respond to the briefs you’re given responsibility for in a monotone way. …

I shared marketing career tips and dissected different disciplines to MSc students — here’s what I got from it

by Anna Michna

Every day’s a school day. Even when you’re experts in smart organic marketing, like us, being able to embrace new ideas and techniques is crucial, but it’s also just as important to share your own knowledge. Last month, my colleague Simon and I both had the pleasure of guest lecturing at Edinburgh Napier University — here’s how we got on.

Simon Bennison — Creative Director

Simon Bennison, our Creative Director, was first up. Speaking to MSc Creative Advertising Students, Simon spoke about his career and dished out tips on how to break into the industry. …

Learn about the hottest trends online trends

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by Egle Adomynaite

Digital marketing trends come around in swarms — they’re often overwhelming and it’s tricky to keep track of every individual facet. Staying abreast of these trends is crucial in the industry (even if some come and go like the wind) — here are a few recent favourites.

People love video content

More and more people want video content. YouTube users now watch over a billion hours of video every single day, while roughly 100 million hours of Facebook video is consumed in the same time period.

Dated and offensive storylines aside, the American sitcom remains essential millennial viewing

by Max Meres

On the eighth day of Christmas, Netflix bestowed UK binge watchers (and those who recall the glory days of E4+1) with the ultimate gift. It teed them up for The One With the Box Set Marathon. The One When They Order Two For Tuesday And Stayed Up Well Into Wednesday. In short, everyone was ready for The One TV Show Whose Finale Reeled In A Staggering 52.5 Million Viewers.

The Warner Bros-Netflix conglomerate seemed all set to push the streaming giant’s profit margins into the stratosphere with minimal fuss. Millions of screen-weary millennials would batten down the…

Learn how to master the art of work and travel the world at the same time…

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

by Chris Nunn

Workplaces are enhanced when you bring together people from different parts of the world. I went into more depth on the topic in a previous post (check it out), but it got me thinking — what about those who want to abandon everything for travel AND still build a career?

It’s given rise to a new breed of digital nomads — workers who can work full time for a business based in London while working from a communal office in Bali or a beach hut in Thailand.

Step forward the Millennial answer to drifters — digital nomads…

Caliber’s PR team talk to CEO Rav Singh about the importance of diverse companies

by Anna Michna and Chris Nunn

Nearly a year has passed since the release of the 2017 McGregor-Smith Review, which examines diversity in the UK workplace. In light of the report, Caliber’s PR team sat down for a chat with company CEO, Rav Singh, to shed some light on the topic of diversity in the PR and communications industries.

Diversity opens people’s minds and ways of thinking. Talents, especially in creative industries, should come from all walks of life.

Rav comes from an ethnic minority background himself, and knows what it’s like to experience a home culture totally different to…

Harness your bohemian side with these actionable tips

by Max Meres

One dark and desolate January afternoon, circa 1990, one Joanne Rowling battles her way through the bitter Scottish cold, clasping at the chipped door handle of a certain Edinburgh coffee shop before retreating inside to shelter from the city’s abrasive winds. She shuffles to the counter and orders a drink — hot chocolate, marshmallows and no cream, to be precise.

Seated, she nestles her mitten-clad hands around the mug. A handful of torn sheets of paper later — throw in eight more hot chocs, for accuracy’s sake — and Rowling had devised the world’s favourite bespectacled boy…

Boost your site’s SEO performance and thrive on key calendar dates

By Chris Ioannou and Max Meres

Let’s turn the clocks back some 24 years. Back to the birth of the internet and a digital evolution which would change what many marketers do on the day-to-day. Logging in to the great world wide web (and then navigating your way through Mosaic — a web browser that helped popularise the internet), you’d find a heck of a lot fewer events than there are today.

Think Cyber Monday, Social Media Day and the plethora of other celebrations which savvy strategists work towards — oh, and we’ve not even touched on the hashtag days…

Learn 3 steps to effective self-editing of your novel or web copy

by Greg Perkins

Editing is important. Scour the archives of written English and you’ll find plenty of texts that would benefit from a revision or 666.

Exhibit 1: the Wicked Bible of 1631, which — thanks to a teensy tiny typographical error — told devout Christians:

“Thou shalt commit adultery”

As slip-ups go, that’s pretty huge. And from advocating cardinal sins to inadvertently insulting your readers, sloppy editing can be pretty costly.


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