How do you put a price on digital content?

Coherent action makes ROI easier to define — and the results? Priceless

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by Simon Bennison

In September 2016 I gave a talk at Brighton SEO about the ways in which marketers can justify better investment in digital content.

I compared how much we spend on above the line advertising, digital paid, and digital owned & earned media, with the measurable online returns they generate.

The stunning fact I discovered was that only 6% of marketer’s budgets are dedicated to SEO and content marketing, despite this being the biggest driver of traffic. Comparatively, other channels drive a fraction of the results but still garner equal or higher investment.

I argued that we need to make it easier for marketers to invest in better content, presenting a simple strategic approach to diagnosing the content you need, and taking coherent action.

Listen to the podcast below for the full presentation and to hear the fear driven adrenaline in my voice.

While you listen, follow through the slides below to make sense of my attempted jokes and to see the statistics I refer to.

My first article on this topic featured in Marketing Week in June 2015. You can read it in full here:

Two years on, I’m not sure it is any easier for brands to know how much to spend on digital content, or for agencies to prove the value they can deliver.

The strategies I’ve outlined have certainly worked for us. Defining our model was just the first step, continually implementing and living by the principles has been the real challenge.

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