A Journey from XS to Medium
Surabhi Gupta

Hi Surabhi. I had the same experience. I was always naturally skinny. Probably underweight and I hate like a horse and drank like a fish. I started filling out in my early thirties. People told me I looked better, particularly guys. But it can take a while to catch up with your new identity when all your favourite clothes don’t fit. Well done to you for accepting your lovely new body and focusing on health and wellbeing rather than excessive exercise.

I don’t know if this is relevant to you but I was always very flat chested. I filled out a bit more in my late thirties and finally grew enough boob to have a cleavage. I remember a night out with some girlfriends when I was 39 and we were getting ready together to go out. Standing there in just my panties I exclaimed “Look, I finally have tit-shaped tits.”

Thank goodness boob jobs weren’t as available then as they are now. When I was a teen and in my early twenties as I might have been tempted. I’m so glad that I didn’t mess with nature as nature finally delivered me a nice pair.

Hmm — have I shared too much here. Ah what the hell, everyone over shares on Medium!

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