Have you felt the need to prove yourself in your life? Be it to yourself or to someone who matters to you or to the world in general?

Have you felt that maybe you were blessed by a higher being to do something meaningful? Have you felt that you have a skill that needs a platform to be showcased, demonstrated, appreciated?

I’d be surprised if the answer, if you are frank with yourself, is a no.

We have this inane urge to achieve, win, exceed that somehow pushes us to do things that we felt unthinkable.

When I was preparing for a half marathon, the goal of finishing 21km seemed not just impossible, but downright stupid. Why do it? Why bear the pain? Why train hard? Wake up early to practice? These questions kept popping up every single day, atleast in the initial phase.

Soon, the prep became a habit, the pain a mild undertone, the training an easy routine, and early mornings a boon.

Soon, the goal became clearer, certain and almost achievable, real.

The goal became an obsession, from something that I WANT to do, to something that I WILL do.

What if we could have this sense of obsession with achievement in our work? Is it possible? Even before you answer that question, you know the answer.

If you are doing something that you truly believe in, love, well then it's a yes. If not, then maybe you need to shake up something, till you can find that something to obsess over.

If you can, then you don't need to fool yourself by running a marathon that you have achieved something.

No, your everyday becomes a marathon and your life becomes the achievement.

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