Ok let's admit it. Our lives as a whole are mundane at best.

We get up, eat, work, or study, eat more, relax a bit, work some more, eat some more, relax some more and sleep.

Repeat this over and over, again and again for days, years, months and lifetimes.

Robert Frost's famous quote aptly sums things up:

'In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on'

And while this is spot on, sometimes the truth is not what is needed. Sometimes, it's better to fool ourselves, sometimes it's better to believe in the incredible, surreal even magical.

Sometimes, it’s better to just get away from reality: to Escape.

And I don't mean that getaway trip you've been planning, that long overdue vacation and such.

No, what I'm talking about here is doing something everyday, each day, that makes that day special, worthwhile and meaningful.

Something that takes you away from the truths of life, the repetitiveness of it, the sameness of it.

It can be listening to your favorite music while enjoying the breeze on your rooftop, reading a Dilbert comic, taking a peaceful stroll, or humming a song at midnight, or breaking into a spontaneous dance or even writing a daily journal.

It could be anything, small or big. The secret is to do it everyday and mix it up a bit so that the little brain of yours feels fresh, rejuvenated and britghtens up a bit.

Trust me, discovering your escape/s can be very rewarding.

Get up, get out there and find what you are missing.

What’s your special thing, what’s your secret ingredient?

What’s your Escape?

- at 12:43 am after 'escaping' into a midnight ride to enjoy a cup of tea and the breeze.