Hello World! Welcome to Calibri

Akshay Kanade
2 min readJul 26, 2015


Calibri is a social experiment to see if we can solve the world’s ‘courier’ing problems and you are invited to join in.

We are a community of people willing to help each other solve a unique problem: delivering and getting deliveries of goods from across the world, without traditional courier but via a shared economy.

Remember that time, when you wanted to get that latest gadget off Amazon.com, but couldn’t because delivery charges to India were more than the cost of the item itself!?
Or maybe you wanted to get your hard disk across from Mumbai to Delhi in a day, but didn’t know how?
Or you wanted to send wedding invitations to the US quickly but couldn’t because the courier process was, well, painful?

Well, we want to solve this for you, through people just like you.

Our aim is to make it simple for you to find people who are traveling, so that you are saved the hassle of finding a courier service, by sending your things through people rather than via courier.

What’s in it for you? Well, you save: a. on time, b. on money, c. a lot of hassle that traditional couriers entail, (d. you may chance upon some new friends too, who knows)

So join in, and let’s help each other get things across this planet.

We have simple principles:
1. only real people please (we don’t like bots :P), which means real profiles
2. we help each other in good faith (cheats please look away)
3. you may pay/charge per your wish. We leave that to you.
4. and yes, do return the favor to someone incase this has helped you, by carrying things once in a while :)

And finally: we are happy to listen to all your feedback and suggestions, to make this better and grow the community.

So let’s get things moving!

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/849287211813669/

Edit (24th July 2018):

Calibri is now a private network and is invite based. You can join here with a referral code: