Three Things to Know About Your Dark Side

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From the day we are born, we’re shaped into a person that we should, can or want to be. Our parents, teachers and our environment as a whole, teach us to differentiate between good and bad, by giving us examples. Not just that, it’s also the movies we watch, parties we go to and music we listen to, that project a specific image, and give us an insight on how we should act. Along with the valuable life experience, we get, all of what we live through, helps us form the personality that we are carrying with us today. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Knowing that we don’t have to experience something directly for us to change, but it can also be other various indirect factors that shape our destiny. In addition to everything, there are also these rules that we ‘’have’’ to follow, in order for the system to stay in order:

Don’t litter, it’s wrong.

Don’t be mean to people for no reason, that’s wrong.

Don’t drink and drive, that’s wrong.

These three examples, are completely in place, and there’s a perfectly good reason for each one of them. Bunch of them that are more or less serious, standing as protection against anarchy and chaos (yes, too much littering can cause chaos). But, let’s now focus on the other side. What about goals? Do means justify the goal?

I’ll give you possible answers to that question:




None of these answers are wrong. Why?

Even if you say that you don’t know, it’s still your point of view. There will always be a person who disagrees, is neutral, or agrees about what you have to say, so keep that in mind as you continue to read this article.

Let’s get back to the topic now!

How do most of us differentiate between… good and evil?


Take a look at Star Wars, you got the Sith Empire and you got the Jedis! Or, how about the Matrix? You got Neo busting his ass to beat Agent Smith, all whilst waging a war against the machines. So, when we take a look at scenes like that, we have one side that’s doing the good thing, and one side that’s doing it bad. But, what is it exactly that makes us decide what’s right or not? Who are you to judge if poor Emperor Palpatine (AKA Darth Sidious) didn’t have the best possible intention when he tricked Anakin into succumbing to his urges, and finally let his dark side take over him. That’s the way he was taught, and the power that came with that alchemical process was everything to him. The Jedi’s on the other side sometimes forced discipline to the point where their people were not allowed to feel, and always hold back. However you turn it, all of them had certain goals they wanted to achieve, by having certain rules and patterns of behavior in order to do so… Realizing that both Jedi and the Sith were the good guys in their world, is telling us something.

What is this telling me? To me, it’s saying that a person’s actions do form their personality, but it’s sometimes really hard for us to make the right choice, when the environment is suppressing, judging and not letting most important parts of our lives flow naturally. Emotions cannot be controlled, but having a healthy environment can help us learn how to react to them better. Every extreme is bad, even when it’s all for the ’’greater good’’, so not letting yourself feel how you feel because it’s ’’wrong’’ and because everyone else is doing it, can get you easily of out of balance and make you do awful things without realizing they are bad for you. Maybe both Anakin and Sidious would have used their potential much better, if they had a better opportunity, with the right people around them. Or possibly Yoda would have a much more productive, exciting and fulfilling life if learned to let his urges slide from time to time while maintaining coolness. What kind of scenario is given is not as essential, as the fact that we’re able to pick sides, says that it is completely up to you to decide, and no one else can do it for you.

Whatever we resist, judge, or just simply decline without thinking about, can tell us much more about ourselves than we think.


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One of the hardest things in life to do is understand others, because it takes a lot of guts to understand ourselves first, in order to get to the next stage. Is that because we are afraid of ourselves, or because we’re afraid to accept that fact, that we might be very similar to the same person we’re completely against. Why?

It’s much easier to deal with problems of the world, than face the person in the mirror. By being in war with one another due to differences in opinions and interests, we’re only hurting ourselves, because even if we’re Luke Skywalker, we’re equally the same as Darth Vader, whether we like that or not. Without accepting the differences between people, we can come to a situation where our actions can subsequently, consequently impact someone’s life, without us even realizing it. Even worse if we do it on purpose.

So next time someone cuts you off in traffic, realize that you’re pissed off, feel the fact that you hate him at that moment, but then right before you turn on your lightsaber, try to understand them as well, because even though you can’t control your emotions, you can decide how you react. As Daniel Goleman stated in one of his books on Emotional Intelligence, put yourself in other people’s shoes when they do something wrong and understand how you could have done that same mistake, if you were in their place. If not anything special, maybe they were just having a terrible day.

This is just a simple example, but when talking about more serious stuff, by looking objectively and putting ourselves in other people’s place, examining their past, background or present situation, we get an opportunity to solve a much bigger problem. We can actually get to the root of our own and global issue, instead of just throwing oil to the fire. I’m not trying to justify bad actions, even though that’s very easy to do, but before we jump into conclusions, how about we try to feel good enough not to do the same things we’re against, in a different package.

Tommy Lynn Sells who was a Serial Killer on murder spree, not sparing women, men or children, said in one of his interviews that one of his motives was that he wanted to help them not have the same suffering he endured in his lifetime, and ‘’free’’ them from their burden. In his own world and some scenarios, even though very disturbing, he thought he was heroic.

As a matter of fact, even Adolf Hitler could have had the best possible intentions for the world, but sadly with a very wrong approach. The thing is that almost all the big faces around him in that time of history had similar mentality, and who knows, maybe if he was in a better environment, he would think of a different approach for the struggle and won a Nobel Peace Prize

Regretfully, that’s all they knew, and that’s what their life path led them to become.

Bad environments and ’’bad’’ people are not born out of nothing, they’re a product of our own actions, just like everything else. Like that politician you see on the TV, who is constantly, lying, deceiving and putting his own country’s innocent people’s lives at stake. He is a product, along with all his political buddies that do the same, whilst promising to do the exact opposite. Trust me when I say, every action has a reaction, and ignoring that, just makes it worse.


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Every possible dark thing you see in the world is already hidden within you, and progress is inevitable, unless we face it all together.

Inevitable is the fact that you’re where you are, and only you can move somewhere different.

Inevitable is the fact that we’re all human, with different stories, backgrounds and personalities.

Inevitable is the fact that the only way you can make positive change, is by making a bold decision and making that first step.

What do we define by ‘’normal’’?

To me, it’s the same thing that we use to define ‘’crazy’’.

Call it destiny, but in every evil there’s a golden good potential, and in every good, the forces of evil are awaiting their turn. These two cannot go without each other, so the best we can do is dance with it and make something out of it.

Something loving.



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