I search for the words of others

I want etched into my skin

I need to feel the needles

To miss you with more pain

Pain from the outside

To match the inside

Butterfly wings sent from the universe

Etched on my skin

With needles to remind me

Where your hand lay upon my hip

Every night as we drifted off to sleep



Our baby

First baby

Grown taller than me

Or than you used to be

Baby boy

Is twenty-one years


He spans what we spanned

Has lived the entirety of Us

With only some part of you

And a different version of me

Only some bit of Us at his foundation

I need needles for the pain

On the outside

To stitch it to the inside

Make me whole

Ink my scars together

A piece of us walks outside me

Years after you


He is everything we were

All we dreamed

And more than we could have imagined