6. On the Escalating Issue of the Letter C

An Alphabetic Manifesto

I am trying to develop an aesthetic that can not be replicated by anyone else. The only way to do that, I believe, is to create a vision that is closer to a reflection of myself than anything else.

Because I was searching for a unique voice and direction, I looked for a starting point. Eventually I realized that something as simple as the letter C could be that foundation.

If we think of ‘the letter c’ as being capable of being the foundation for an aesthetic, we can attempt to draw inspiration from that abstract construct, as opposed to something actual or concrete, like nature.

I began with thoughts like, What is the definition of the letter c? A semicirclular shape that is used in several alphabets? What about all the different ways that fonts express it. What about the shape — is it a perfect circle? Should it be?

Through thinking and working within that construct, I believe, we can begin to create a totally new aesthetic.

Although, I would not attempt to avoid the influence of nature and the seasons, I can display them through my lens. The voice on the plate will evolve from having given preference to abstraction over impressionism. A logical and historical pattern.

That is the foundation, these are the guidelines:

A. The letter C is not the end goal. It is a window into a new aesthetic.

B. To succeed, we must attempt, experiment.

C. Make it happen.

D. Intensity, Depth and Purity are our values in cooking. We only cook with the best. Simple.

E. We acknowledge and respect the lessons learned from those that came before us.

F. There are no shortcuts.

G. We will create a unique expression of reality. We must create things that have not yet been seen, thoughts that have not been expressed; emotions that have not yet been felt.

H. We must bridge the gap from nostalgia to rediscovery.

I. Order is required to succeed.

J. Fall in love with cleanliness.

K. If you are going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don’t even start.

L. Isolation is the gift.

M. Distill.

N. Use all energy, positive and negative, to make better food.

O. See, but only see what makes reality more beautiful.

Q. Eat. Breathe. Live. Do not stop.

P. It’s about perfection. Can you be perfect?

R. Restraint. Finesse is in restraint.

S. Sacrifice everything.

T. Time is a temporal dimension. Cook outside of time. This is the beginning and we must continue to grow. Expand our understanding. Become what we are meant to be.

U. U are a vessel for this message. No one can stop u.

-V. M. C.

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