7. 2: A Beginner’s Guide to Opening a Restaurant

Part 2: An Inspirational Letter from Inside of the Abyss

I think at a point in a chef’s career, they realize that they have to open their own place and, sometimes, the world conspires in their favor.

After doing a couple pop-ups, I realized I was focusing too much on them and not on opening a restaurant. Once I decided that opening a restaurant should be my only focus, it started to happen.

Pieces began to fall into place.

…It’s hard for me to write this right now.

I just fucking went for it. I forgot about all the consequences and made it happen. That’s how it happens and you can dress it up and stretch it out all you want, but once you decide it has to happen, it does.

The lowest lows are waiting for you on the way, but the rewards are real.

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