Atlas, Fucked

Inspired…Alive… Glistening… My mission is clear — but more often than not, it remains obscured, obfuscated, so god damn far from here — so much for visiting… Sometimes my mind does flips, considering how might I get to the getting… Living in the mix, betwixt a peasant and a peasant, while concepts manifest within, clearly destined to pierce the mysteries of history kept from us, overclocked while simultaneously meditative, yours truly — the ascendant of like sixteen extra dimensions…Forever pining for truth, seldom finding much than more disinformation to cut through… The gaudy tribes of liars make me wonder why? Why are they even alive? Why must I fester next to them, inept to communicate with them, or share any one of my many, many collected insights? Midnight oil burns as I search under the rug for what remnants I can still find, whether it’s from ancient Phoenicia or yesterday. This brings light to my life.. Well, sometimes. Until I look outside at what wretched miscreants with defective perceptions live all around, behind and next to me… Perhaps they can ride share to go suicide step off of a ledge along the Golden Gate, saving the rest of us stuck on a SEPTA bus, from hearinng them yapping eccentrically to their friend without essentially saying anything… In effect, someone with connections to the WWF should have the Undertaker bench-press these tepid swine… Google-y eyed, defiant, admiring the 4k shine while basking in the EMF waves fired from their smart device... Convenience traded for privacy with a smile, these i-Phones record entire lives it doesn’t matter if “ON” or ‘OFF” is what state the owner/operator thinks it ought to reside… Come on, are your eyes so blind you’ve yet to realize our once yellow sun is now shining a hue of cyanide? Skylines so polluted from the fly-by’s… Barium and Aluminum are more prevalent in the goyim’s diet than anything garden variety Monsanto hasn’t Frankenstein’d in the name of science… Get hip, shithead — no longer is the eye in the sky , the almighty illumination of your true god, Samsung, Lord King of the River Mobile, is right beside 99% of ya at all times… Never mind industrial design, what you see comes from ancient Babylonian bloodlines and pedophiles, — I might be starring in a re-make of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest by the time most of you find this just for dropping hints at what the real world outside is… But the herds find my words absurd and their actions totally fine to accept… My stash of hope in the average Joe has become inactive… The walking dead do what is least expected of the pet-masters holding their leash while investing only the slightest means of effort… Every second you can see some dumb fuck stumbling in front of a bus, coming just a couple of feet from losing their lives while they press up, down, left and right excitedly checking their feeds for updates, likes, maybe even a surprise friend request from an ex bitch… While I stand outside the fishbowl spying in, I’m also well aware of the ill-advised shackles straddling my own ankles… It’s hard to find energy or any tremendous reason to reflect in pride, when everything ever said to me that I once thought meant something has since undressed its sexy self, letting me in on the truth, it is a lie… Vegetative ignoramuses, Never pretend anyone’s smile is authentically genuine.. Am I really alive, or am I actually dead having never realized? Instead of Pennsy’ maybe my residence is in effect Valhalla, or coincidentally I’ve been sent down to the bottomless abyss after getting a sentence for my past live’s crimes? Mother Earth cries for an uprising as her airways are constricted by pollution from Exxon, BP and other worldwide purveyors of Leviathan… Time is money, backed by nothing except lies & debt, but every night this expendable human cesspool spreads violence against their fellow child, woman or men while the semi-bright fear a day when the microchips begin, but my friend the microchip is already pinned to you, it’s the same device you might check a voicemail with, get my point… Yet? Sometimes I ponder what it might be like to swan-dive off of a mighty high bridge instead of just throw it in their direction as symbol of cynicism… Gone.. At peace.. Just leave the rest of you to your impending demise, but then I realize how badly I yearn just to see the look in your eyes as the Gestapo pulls up in freight by night, kicks doors down and piles you prawns in like a sardine tin… I’ve been around for this along, I may as well find a little patience and grab some refreshments so I can be there to see the final, climactic end to this ritualistic enslavement, as the prison without bars gains them and you all walk the plank off your beloved slave ship….


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