Cosmos Network launch, what should I know?

Mar 10 · 2 min read

The main net genesis is finally available, get ready to validate or delegate. If you can find your address in penultimate_genesis.json then you are lucky, you can try to become a validator. If not, you can only wait until the tokens are transferable.

The main net will run the same code as gaia-13001 testnet, so you can play and make your hand there. There is no faucet available, but you can ask for tokens on Riot.

Back to the main net genesis, what does that mean? It’s a text file that defines the initial state of the network, including all accounts involved in the ICO (crowdfunding) and the GOS winners. These (and only these) accounts can submit a gentx to pre-vote at block zero and start as validators from the very beginning. If you are in the genesis but you don’t want to validate, you can wait for the network to start and delegate to a trusted validator.

To submit a gentx you need:

  • a running gaia client (gaiacli), version gaiacli version 0.33.
  • an account in your keys that is also in the genesis file (gaiacli keys list to check)
  • the penultimate_genesis.json file renamed and copied to ~/.gaiad/config/genesis.json

To generate your gentx, run from ~/.gaiad/config/genesis.json:

Replace <VAL> with something up to max of what you have in genesis, <NAME> with the name of your account in keys, the same account that is in genesis (gaiacli keys list). If you did it right, a text file will be generated inside .gaiad/config/gentx folder.

Don’t edit it, it will invalidate the signature.

The last step will be to rename and submit the gentx-<a long number>.json to github here.

Happy validating