There Needs To Be Real Competition In Music Streaming

By Kish Rajan

Loozrboy, Flickr

I wholeheartedly agree with the overarching premise of Rep. Doug Collins’ (R-Ga.) recent op-ed in The Hill (Don’t stop believing … in competition”). We need competition in music streaming just like we do in every other industry. Only through competition can prices, and payouts, stay fair.

But his assertion that other streaming services are trying to stifle competition from Apple is … strange. Apple is the 800-lb. gorilla in the streaming world. Through iTunes, the tech giant has more control over the industry than any other company. The fact that Apple has access to 800 million credit cards has raised serious concerns about Apple’s ability to compete fairly in the streaming world. It’s the upstart companies that are doing their best to compete against Apple, not the other way around.

His claim that Apple’s model will pay artists their fair share also leaves a lot to be desired. Streaming companies have paid out billions in royalties over the past few years and artists still aren’t being fairly compensated. The bottleneck is not on the tech side, it’s at the music labels and Apple won’t change that.

Yes, we need serious competition but don’t be fooled. It’s coming from the entire streaming ecosystem, not from the Apple behemoth.

Kish Rajan is chief evangelist of CALinnovates

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